1741041643 For over 25 years it's been toted in backpacks down the Mekong and up Kinabalu, through Indonesia, around Thailand, from the Philippines to Singapore and everywhere in between. Take the 'Yellow Bible' on your next adventure! 1740591542 Indonesia is a country of incredible natural diversity and beauty rivaled only by its cultural diversity and wonder. This guide will help you make the most of a short or long journey, with details on Indonesian culinary delicacies; places to stay, from beach huts to resorts; important information on national parks and trekking to out-of-the-way places. want to add a link and banner on your website? Click here to see how. 1740593464 Surrender to the magic of Bali's lush landscape, rich culture and gracious people. With this in-depth guide you'll trek to the volcanic peak of Gunung Batur, feast on succulent seafood and exotic fruits, and be spellbound by gamelan music or a shadow puppet play. Includes a chapter on Lombok.


The nightmarish events that have taken place since September 2001, have had an effect on everyone, in their own way. Many were affected directly; the rest of us who were more fortunate, are still left to make the most of a world that is distinctly different to the one we lived in previously. This project is not about jumping up and down, pointing fingers, or waving flags. Neither is it about hiding in your house, peeping through your curtains. it is about putting your boots on, stepping out into the sunlight, and getting out there. There are so many great people in the world. Follow my project, and you will meet some of them, as I travel from Bali to New York City, sharing my adventures with you on this website. Perhaps the world is not such a SAVAGE place! I consider this page to be the opposite of CNN. CNN go to extraordinary lengths to bring you as much bad news as possible. This page shows you all things good about the friendly island called Bali.

Your legs must be covered when you visit these temples. But don't worry, there will be a dozen women outside, waiting to hire you a sarong. Click here to view a slide show window shopping is always a lively, challenging sport in Bali. Click here to view a slide show The beautiful landscape on the way north through the centre of the island from Kuta to Lovina, on the north coast. Click here to view a slide show Suzi's little restaurant or 'warung' make the best value food I've ever had. I couldn't believe it when a tourist complained about the small serve of bacon in his $1 cooked breakfast, with fruit salad, fruit juice and coffee. Click here to view a slide show
..Click on any of the photos above to view a slide show.

I was sent this article written by Jason Gaspero, who lived in Bali for two years.

"The following is a message from Parum Samigita which is the Think Tank for the Banjars (village councils) of the Kuta, Legian and Seminyak regions of Bali. It comes from the heart of the Balinese people at ground zero in Kuta.....click here

...and this extract from a letter to the Editor in the Byron Shire Echo, written by Yves Deyris, who recently returned from Bali.

"The tens of thousands of young (backpackers) who wander the globe...are building what may be the only example of a truly global community..." This article by Michael Elliot, from Decmber's edition of Time magazine was sent in recently.

Here's a simple, but inspirational poem, sent in from Taiwan, and illustrated with drawings by young children aged 3-12 from 25 different countries around the world.I bet it makes you stop and think!Click here

Bali: The Online Travel Guide offers visitors all they need to know about Bali. Choose a category above to explore the world's favorite tropical island, or use our search engine to find any topic within the guide...

Your behind-the-screen look at Bali, Indonesia. This is a weblog chronicling the day to day life of a westerner living in Bali.

Why the ducks? I don't know! This is a Bali travel forum; share your views and give recommendations and/or warnings to others. Don't be shy to ask anything you wish to know, and speak up if you have anything to say.

A webring of selected sites featuring reliable, up-to-date information on the island of Bali in Indonesia and all things Balinese.

Images Of Bali is the best photographic website I have seen. Beautiful photos, and easy to use format.

Here is a link to one of the most expansive, information packed travel resources I have ever seen. If you are heading to Bali, it covers everything you could need to know, and much more.

Click for Denpasar, Bali Forecast

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