Friday 23rd January. Bletchingley, England.

Poets Day in Bletchingley. We knocked off early, and walked down to the White Harte pub for a pint, the first beer I've had since moving into my loft eight days ago, in spite of living practically next door to a pub. Payday today, which was nice after eight long days work. No time to chit chat- I'm off into town to update the website- but here's a few pics in case you're interested to see what I've been up to.

An early morning delivery of eighty sheets of plasterboard to be carried up to the third floor. What a way to start the day! Showing my best side, cutting insulation. Rambo.

10:00p.m and I'm back from town. It seems I'm just not destined to update this page. Since I got paid today, I caught the bus to Redhill and the train into Croydon, to an internet cafe where I know they'll let me connect with my laptop. Upon arriving at said internet cafe, I discovered that they've changed their opening hours, and now close two hours earlier than when I was last there. They were shut. So I'm back in Bletchingley, eight quid poorer for having walked around in the rain half the evening, and I'm a tiny bit pissed off. But just a tiny bit. To make matters worse, I was so hungry while I was out, that I spent another four pounds on some food-like substance from MacDonalds. Weather forecast is for possible snow in three days' time, so that'll brighten things up a bit!

Seems I overestimated the damage to my finger, as well. Yesterday, I was finally brave enough to take the plaster off and have a good look at it, and I've really just taken a bit of flesh off one side of the tip. This morning, just for good measure, I knocked a chunk out of the pinkie on my other hand. Running out of Band-Aids now!

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