Tuesday 27th January. Bletchingley, England.

Woo Hoo! Snow! Well, not much, but enough of a flurry to dust the ground for a half hour or so. I was the only one getting excited though; the locals see snow every year. For me, it's a novelty. I hitched through a few lonely flakes of snow in Canada a couple of months ago, but not counting that, I haven't seen snow falling since 1996.

Supplies were low- two mandarins and one slice of dry bread- so I had to scoot into red Hill again after work tonight. I knocked off at seven o'clock, caught the eight o'clock bus into town, which gave me an hour at the internet cafe(the internet cafe that won't let me use my laptop!) and then just enough time to buy some groceries before the last bus home at ten. One hour at the internet cafe, and over 500 emails to sift through. Most of them were spam, but a lot of times I can't tell until I open them. So if you send me an email, and want me to read it, please put something in the subject line that will let me know it's a real email. If the subject line is "N/A", "none", "Hello" or even "hello Steve" or "make it harder" and I don't recognize the sender's email address immediately, chances are it gets deleted. So that might explain why you haven't received a reply! To everyone who's sent me emails, I appreciate receiving them, and will try to get back to you soon. I hope you understand.

Nice to catch up on communications from friends. Congratulations to Dave and Anna on the purchase of their first home. Thanks Matt for your advice; I asked Matt for some life advice and he told me if it snows, put the snow in a glass and add scotch to it! Thanks to Sange for thinking of me, when she's got bigger things to be occupying herself with. Thanks Rose for the help with the challenge. Amy, thanks for the suggestion regarding the painting cloths. Glenn, thanks for your supportive comment on the messageboard. Judith, as always thanks for your support and encouragement, and all the best to Phillip. Phillip if you're reading this, get better soon mate; it's my shout for beer and nachos next time! Helen, no I've never been to PNG. I'll read your email in greater detail, and get back to you as soon as I can regarding that challenge.

On top of these personal emails, there was an interesting email from World Nomads. It seems that some of my readers have been purchasing travel insurance from World Nomads, through the links on my site. The nice man at World Nomads wants to know where to send the cheque for my commission! It's not a fortune, but every bit helps, and it reminded me that I must check my account at Amazon. Maybe there's some comission to be collected there too. New readers may not be aware that if you make a purchase at Amazon.com via links on this site- such as this text link or the image link at the top of this journal page- I earn a small commission. Regular readers of course will be sick and tired of hearing about it.

Yesterday was Australia Day, and the first time in five years that I've missed the cockroach racing. Click here to see last year's races. I wonder who won this year?

I'd better get to bed. I was handling insulation matting all day and my eyes are stinging from the dust. Tomorrow's another day.

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