Saturday 28th February. Bletchingley, England.

scraping the snow off the timber before I bring it inside.

It's been trying hard to snow all day today. Just before I knocked off this evening, a heavy fall came through, with snowflakes as big as potato crisps. A little while ago, I could hear the snow hitting my windows again, so I won't be surprised if everything's white when I wake up in the morning. I'd step outside and investigate, except I'm cozy in my sleeping bag, and baby, it's cold outside!

too many destinations, and only one lifetime!

Since my brother and his family will be in France in July, I've been trying to rearrange my itinerary. After many hours staring blankly at my little world map, I've come up with an exciting new itinerary for May, June, July and August. Making it to Gallipoli, Turkey in time for Anzac Day (26th April) is looking less than practical- it would make for too much backtracking- I'll visit Gallipoli later on, when it's not overrun by rowdy Australians and Kiwis! There may be a few extra destinations along the way that will make The Savage Files a much more varied experience. I may even have a competition when I take off... post a photo of myself somewhere and you guess where I am, the first correct entry to win a prize- maybe a sports car or maybe a signed copy of my book. *woo hoo*

I'm getting itchy feet...and this time it's not tinear!

Writing has come to a standstill again, with everything that's going on. I visited my friend again yesterday, and was relieved to find her in good spirits. She's had the tube 'installed' and will be facing a tough six months, but I think her attitude will carry her through.

Thanks for all the suggestions for book titles, especially to Tim from Texas and Glenn from Tennessee, who have put a lot of thought into their suggestions- better than anything I've been able to come up with. So far none of the proposed titles actually jumps out and grabs me, but we'll see. I talked to Mum this morning. She said she's trying to think of a title for my book, and wants to know what's in it for her if I go ahead and use the title she comes up with. The cheek of her!

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