Tuesday 16th March. Bletchingley, England.

My cozy little loft has been even cozier over the last couple of nights. After two months of living above the garage, I've finally had house guests. My mate Chris arrived Sunday, and his mate Allan (from my hometown of Brisbane!) arrived the next morning, fresh off the plane from New York. You might remember Chris and his wife Monica hosted me in Orange County, California last year. Earlier this year Chris hosted Allan as Allan was tripping around the States, and now we all find ourselves in England, Chris on a two week holiday, and Allan still on his six month walkabout!

Welcoming my first houseguest, with a cold can of Budweiser.

Funny that I should've mentioned the Haggis Bus in my last journal. Chris had just finished a three day southwest England Haggis Tour when he got to Bletchingley. He said it was great, taking in Bath, Stonehenge, and lots of other places that i can't remember. *my head hurts*

Looking very civilized as we share our first beer, at the Red Lion pub.

Chris, Allan and I are all history buffs and as such were fascinated to compare the five historical pubs in Bletchingley. We set out on our fact finding expedition straight after lunch, but these village pubs have a lot of history and it can take some time to soak it all in. By the time we returned to my loft nine hours later, we'd had all the history we could take!

Looking slighhtly less civilized after visiting the Red Lion, The Whyte Harte, The Prince Albert, The Plough, and the William IV.

Now I've got two weeks to recover before my next American reunion, meeting up with David and Jeanne, from Indianapolis while they're in London. Then a week after that Brent, from Washington is going to be in England, actually staying about twenty-five miles from Bletchingley. And a week after that, Gail from Vancouver will be in town. Phew, I think I'd better get some sleep. My head's still swimming from all that history last night!