Sunday 21st March. Bletchingley, England.

Hey all you mothers! Happy English Mother's Day!!

The family. I was invited to share Mother's Day Lunch with my boss' family. Roast beef with Yorkshire puddings. Yum!

Mothers' Day isn't till May in Australia, but I phoned home anyway, to continue a joke between Mum and I that started twelve years ago. At that time, I'd been wandering around Canada and the United States for a month or two, when I saw posters in a shopping mall, promoting the upcoming Mothers' Day. Damn. Mothers' Day was the next day, according to the posters, and with the time difference, Australia was into the next day already. I ran to a payphone, and phoned home- probably reverse charges. "Hey, am I the first one to wish you a happy Mothers' Day" I shouted. "You sure are," Mum replied with a laugh, "you're a month early!"

This time I was all set to repeat my opening line, but my brother's wife answered the phone. When she heard my voice, she commended me- for the first time in my life, I'd remembered my brother's birthday... or so she thought! I paused for a little too long before exclaiming "Yeah. That's why I called. To wish him a happy birthday!" She didn't fall for it. So I'm still in the bad books. But how am I supposed to remember someone's birthday in March, of all months? If it was in November, I'd remember it for sure! March. Pfft!

But Mum was happy to talk to me, and my little nephew (four years old... or five already?) came onto the phone to tell me he'd been fishing with his own fishing rod. I asked him if he caught anything.
"Yeah. A turtle."
"Wow, did you eat it?" I asked, thinking I was teasing him.
"Yeah. It was great!" he said with genuine enthusiasm, giving no clue as to whether he was telling the truth, or pulling my leg. I've got a feeling the little fella's growing into a bit of a storyteller, like his uncle!

Anyway, I was the first one to wish Mum a happy Mothers' Day!

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