Wednesday 24th March. Bletchingley, England.

Crazy English weather! Today I was out on a second floor window ledge, reglazing a couple of window panes, and appreciating the spring sunshine, when suddenly it started hailing on me. So now in addition to the big lump on the left hand side of my head from where I got stuck between a falling wardrobe and the doorframe (long story!) I'm also covered in small bumps from the barrage of hailstones. At least I've been managing to keep my fingers away from the business end of the hammer lately... touch wood!

Glazing. What a pane!

Looking around my loft, it seems I must have been hungry when I went grocery shopping last night. I've got macadamia nuts, chocolate chips, a huge bag of mixed sweets, a veritable mountain of fresh fruit, and a multi-pack bag of crisps. I've got Scottish pancakes, Irish soda farls, honey cured ham, and even some Stilton cheese (which is great because it masks the smell of old socks that seems to have been lingering around my room- where could that odd sock be hiding?)

I'm off on a little adventure this weekend, a much needed break from the routine. A friend and I are heading into the big smoke on Saturday. She's coming back Sunday night, but I'm staying in London to visit a few museums with David and Jeanne on Monday, and also to complete my David Ferney challenge. I've spoken to Mr Ferney on the phone and should be able to co-ordinate a meeting with him at some stage over my long weekend. In case you're interested, this challenge was issued by Gary, who picked me up hitchhiking in North Carolina, and ended up letting me stay overnight with him and his family. It seems that Gary and David were old friends who lost touch about twenty years ago. Thanks for the hospitality Gary, and for the challenge! I look forward to bringing you up to date with your old mate David. Twenty years is a long time though, I'm not sure how much detail you want!

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