Monday 30th June 11:00 p.m. Brisbane
Sorry I haven't updated over the last couple of days, but I didn't want to jinx myself by saying anything prematurely. Now that I have an airline ticket in my pocket, I think it's safe to let you know.

Yes, you guessed it...


I depart Brisbane on Wednesday morning, and due to an incredibly fast jet *or perhaps the time difference* I will be arriving in Vancouver, Canada just two hours later. A flight to Anchorage would have cost an extra $500, so I'm just gonna get straight into the adventure and after a pit stop in Vancouver, you'll find me standing by the highway with my thumb out, hopefully in the direction of Alaska! I'm guessing midsummer with such long hours of sunlight should see me in Anchorage within three days. Once I get to Alaska I'm going to to..I'm not sure what I'm going to do! That's the greatest thing about this project- I have no schedule to keep to, no deadlines except for the obvious visa regulations, no restriction (not even good taste!) I hope to offer entertainment, amusement, education, and inspiration (if you want it) with the photos and stories that I post on the website, and speaking of poor taste, what do you think about my latest stupid idea... the UGLY SHIRT experiment?

Over the years I've come under varying degrees of criticism from friends - and strangers - for my appalling lack of fashion sense; more particularly my apparent love for what we call the 'ugly shirt'. An ugly shirt is a shirt that no-one with any self respect would be seen dead in, outside of a costume party. It is invariably bright, even gawdy, and is usually distinguished by the high number of different, non complimentary colours to be found in its patterned material, as well as the dizzying effect it has on those who dare to cast it more than a cursory glance. The ugly shirt is the train wreck of clothing. My passion for such fashion disasters may not be glaringly evident in the photos on this site. Perhaps that's because I tone down my dress sense while I'm travelling, or maybe I've just edited which photos I include. Unfortunately, all my once prized ugly shirts have either surrendered to the ravages of time, or have been packed away into storage.

I'm always smiling if I'm off for a cruise!

High fashion at Ayers Rock

I say 'BRING BACK THE UGLY SHIRT!' and second hand clothing stores should be on the lookout for me. I'm on my way, and the uglier the shirt, the better. As I stay with hosts across North America, if you have a shirt that you think would make the grade, drag it out of the attic and I'll swap it for one of mine. *hey, clean for dirty..could be a way I can cut down on laundry*

Thanks for all your support. It's only been a couple of hours since I broke the big news, and already I've received over twenty replies. Don't forget that I may have some difficulty uploading to this page, especially initially as I'll be on the road between Vancouver and Alaska! If I haven't updated this journal, you may find an update on my weblog- 'backup journal' link near the top of the page- or on the messageboard. If you're bored, you can search the archived journal entries by using the 'search journal' function at the top of the page.

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