Wednesday 2nd July 1:00 p.m. Vancouver!
Woo hoo! Here I am in sunny Vancouver. That's in British Columbia, Canada. Not a bad flight thanks for asking, as far as spending nearly twenty hours on a plane goes. From Brisbane to Tokyo I had a window seat and two empty seats next to me.. stretch out comfort zone! Yummy Kirin beer. Then from Tokyo to here I found myself upstairs in 'Seasons' class. Not sure what I did to deserve that but I didn't complain... metre-wide seat, personal TV screen with your choice of half a dozen new release movies, superior food...choice of three beers! To make it even more ridiculous, I had the very front 'bulkhead' seat, so there would have been ample legroom for someone twice my height. Thanks JAL! Sexy attendants too...

yes, please sleeping in style

Even in all that comfort I didn't sleep much. The early part of the flight I tried to keep myself awake watching videos. 'Maid in Manhattan' didn't work so well, and I eventually nodded off for a few hours. Now it's after 1:00pm and I'm exhausted after three almost sleepless nights, but I'm determined to stay awake till nighttime and get my body clock quickly back on track. If what I'm writing seems a little garbled, that's why.

the looong sunset between Japan and Canada as we flew back in time snow capped mountains as we descended into Vancouver

I'm writing this from an apartment on the beach in downtown Vancouver. My host Gail was one of the first people to offer to host me, many months ago when I first started the website. She was kind enough to pick me up from the airport, even though this is actually a work day for her. Gail has what many of us -including Homer Simpson- would consider a dream job...working from home, connected to work by computer. She's hooked my laptop up to her ADSL cable, and while I'm tapping away here, she's busy working in the other room.

My brain just stopped working, so I'll try to load a couple of photos on here, and leave it at that for today.

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