Saturday 12th July 11:00 a.m Anchorage, Alaska

Almost like Christmas! Waiting for me here at Casey's place were lots of goodies from sponsors. Rather than have US campanies send goods to me in Autralia, I had them sent here. Leatherman, makers of the best quality tools in the world, sent me a cool little 'juice' supertool. It's a multifunction tool with pliers, scissors, corkscrew, bottle opener, and a variety of cutting blades. It's a compact little unit, small enough to carry around in my bumbag, and like all Leatherman products, comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Got the time? You know I've been travelling without a watch so far, which is sometimes a blessing *when I'm stuck by the highway for hours on end* but is sometimes quite a hassle. It's not easy to co-ordinate with other people when you have no concept of time, but that's no longer a problem. Timex sent a few watches. My favourite is a Timex Expedition with the useful benefit of also being a digital compass. I've been a bit disoriented since I arrived in Canada, but no more; I'm accurate to the degree!

My new business cards were already waiting here, courtesy of Vistaprint. They look incredible, and were unbeatable value at around $20 for 250, including delivery! You can even design your own cards for free at Vistaprint, and just pay for the delivery.

And of course a lovely 'Bon Voyage' card from Mum. She didn't have a chance to give it to me before I left, so sent it on here. Thanks Mum. 'miss ya!

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