Sunday 20th July 10:00 a.m Fairbanks, Alaska
Wow, this really sucks! Remember the girl from North America who sent her second hand laptop to me in Australia some months ago? Well, it's just been brought to her attention that her company, whose details she used as a return address, was slugged $95 customs/import fee by the charmless folk down under at Australian Customs. When I say her company's been slugged, of course I mean I've been slugged; I just haven't paid it yet! This might not seem like a big deal, but it really puts a dent in my plans.

I had been wondering about the possibility of catching a ferry part of the way back south- maybe from Skagway to Juneau and on to Prince Rupert. It's a two day ride that would save me a few days hitchhiking, but more importantly would add another dimension to the whole Alaskan experience, allowing me to visit places that would be otherwise inaccessible. It's renowned as the most spectacular marine route in North America, passing glaciers and beautiful islands, docking in at tiny isolated port communities, with free whale watching thrown in! Trouble is, it costs $150. My budget is a few dollars a day for snacks and drinks. I've spent nothing on accommodation so far, and a grand total of $1.25 on transportation. Contributions and challenge money received so far have just covered the cost of daily essentials like chewing gum, potato chips, pork rinds, and the occasional cold beer or pancake breakfast. I thought perhaps that this once-in-a-lifetime ferry ride would be something worth busting my credit card on, but with the blow of almost $100 customs fee, I just don't know.

If you'd like to help, and ten bucks or so wouldn't make much of a big difference to your credit card bill, why not scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the PayPal button. See what happens!

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