Saturday 9th August 6:00 a.m Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
"Well, look at what the cat dragged in!" That's what Gail said when she found me at her door. You may remember that Gail was my first host a month ago when I arrived in Vancouver. Well, Brian and I parted company just a few blocks from Gail's place, so I thought I'd drop in and say "G'day" before I headed out to my next host's home in Surrey. Gail was exhausted after a tough week with work and study, so we just caught up on each other's gossip, and I took off in search of the train station. Gail invited me back for Saturday night, when there's a huge fireworks display in Vancouver.

It was a fair walk to the train station, and I was covered in sweat by the time I got there. "Must remember to shower as soon as I reach Sheree's house." Sheree and two of her daughters met me at the Surrey train station, but only after I almost climbed into someone else's car. A red four wheel drive pulled to the curb in front of me, and the female driver smiled and nodded to me. I tossed my pack onto the front seat, said "Hi, how ya goin'?" and was about to jump in when she asked me where I was from. That seemed odd since my host Sheree knew very well that I was from Brisbane, since she was originally a Brisbane girl herself. "Are you Sheree?" I asked.
"No," she smiled.
I excused myself and turned several shades of red, returning to my stance against the nearby wall. The red four wheel drive hung around just a little too long, and the driver stared at me just a little too much, before driving off down the road at the pace of a slow walk. I had a feeling that she wasn't waiting for anyone in particular!

But this Sheree was definitely the real Sheree. I could tell by the Aussie accent. She left Brisbane and moved to Canada since falling in love with, and now marrying, a Canadian man. *Oh, isn't that romantic* Sheree's three kids, Brian's young son, and their little angel Kaede, make this quite a busy household. But not busy enough apparently. Also staying here, besides the unwashed visitor from Australia *that's me* is a German guy and a couple from the Czech Republic. And don't forget the exchange student from Korea. Oh, and the neighbour's kids seem to almost live here too. Of course it's summer holidays here, so the kids are around all day. Luckily their home is huge. Sheree and Brian bought the house 'almost finished' and are proceeding to give the place their own personal touch. They're converting the basement into a self contained three bedroom apartment, which can be rented out as homestay to help offset the mortgage costs.