Thursday 21st August. Salem,Oregon --> Corvalis,Oregon, USA
Rose and Chrissy were up and at 'em early. I walked out of town a mile or so to see the mental asylum where One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was filmed. After such a long walk with a heavy backpack, the asylum was something of an anticlimax, but anyway here's the photo! I even had to argue with a security guard to get the shot.

Rose and Chrissy both seemed quite pleased to meet me, but wow! Rose sure seemed happy to see me leave! The mental asylum from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

I hitched to the little town of Corvalis, where a guy by the name of Ryan had offered to let me crash at his place. I phoned him when I got into town, and he was able to leave work early and come pick me up. He said he had two options for the rest of the afternoon. One was a mountain hike; about four miles up and four miles back. The other was a drive across to the Orgeon coast, and a wander around on the beach and to a couple of viewpoints. I chose the latter. I'd sat up talking too late last night, and didn't really have the energy for an eight mile hike!

Two bald men, one with a few long strands of blond hair on the back of his head! This is how to run like a girl!

We headed across to the coast in Ryan's Subaru Outback. I think he enjoyed the winding road, and the car was sure suited to the corners. The Oregon coast is a rugged shoreline, with rocky outcrops, sandy coves, and windblown forests. We hiked down to the beach on a path called the Hobbitt Track, so named since it winds through Tolkien-esque scenery. I'd brought my towel but when the first lip of water lapped at my toes, I knew the towel wouldn't be getting used. The water was icy! We clambered around some rock pools and to a cavern called the Devil's Churn. I posed for a photo in front of a spot where waves were crashing against the rocks in a huge vertical wall of spray. Of course, the next wave didn't behave that way; it cascaded straight over the rocks and soaked me to the waist!

Ryan didn't seem like the type of guy who'd spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. He's a keen outdoorsman and also a self confessed computer geek. I wondered if we'd probably call for a pizza when we got home. Not a chance, and ladies are you listening? Ryan heated up some previously prepared Polish pirogis- not one but two types; potato and cheese, and spicy pork. These were handmade by himself, even down to the pastry...and they were delicious. The pirogis were served with fried Walla Walla sweet onions and sour cream, and accompanied by a special Christmas beer from Bend, Oregon. For dessert, there was homemade rhubarb bread, and for supper a snack of freshly popped kettle corn! All you girls out there, if you're interested, drop me a line and I can hook you up with Ryan.

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