Tuesday 30th September. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

It was a shame to say goodbye to David so soon. We'd barely had a chance to get past the 'catching up' stage, and it was time for me to go. I guess I felt that as long as I was there, I was to some extent reliving my time on the kibbutz, and when David talked of other volunteers he'd been reunited with at Barbara's wedding, it was as if I was meeting them too.

I managed to log on with my laptop via David's dial up account, and slowwwwwly uploaded the latest updates. Once you're used to DSL, going back to dial up is like having teeth pulled. David rustled us up a big late breakfast, and walked me back to the Greyhound station. "Well, I'll leave you here, where I found you," he said. I couldn't believe it had been seven years, but there was no time to be mushy. My bus to Philadelphia was about to leave and I didn't have a ticket yet. I had to run and ask the driver to hold the bus while I purchased a ticket. Not the most popular person on the bus, was I.

Philadelphia is actually quite some ways from DC. I'd kind of assumed it was just nextdoor, but it was something like four and a half hours in the bus. That got me into town after dark. I phoned my host Bob, and he gave me directions to catch the regional rail to his home in Norwood. Bob's a roofer by trade, but does other construction work as well. At the moment, he's living with his Mum while he renovates her old house for her- what a sweet son, eh?

Bob and I watching the man in black Homeless person, Phiadelphia

Bob is the drummer in a punk band called the Pulls. *don't ask why the name* They've been getting a few gigs, and he said it was a shame I turned up on a Tuesday night. Anyway, we could go for a drive to nearby Media and see what was happening. There's a bar in Media that has an open mike night on a Tuesday. The first band we saw was great- kind of mellow music but hilarious banter in between songs. I particularly liked his story about monsters, especially Poh Poh Bow Bow, the monster from South America who appears from a cloud of smoke and sodomizes you in your sleep. Then there was a man in black who did a set of Johnny Cash songs, and last a young guy who played guitar and sang. Bob wanted to head down the street, so I didn't get to see much of the last act.

We met a friend of Bob's at another bar, and stayed there until closing time. It wasn't till then that I realized Bob had to be up for work at six o'clock. When we got home, his Mum had folded out the sofa for me and made it up with sheets and blankets. I sat up till after three o'clock working on Bob's computer in the loungeroom.

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