Sunday 5th October. Cambridge, Massachussets, USA

Jose apologized profusely for the almost inedible breakfast that he was preparing. "If it is totally inedible" he promised "we can throw it in the bin and go downstairs to the cafe". He then proceeded to serve up a delicious meal of cheese omelette and sliced spicy sausage, with the richest, creamiest Mexican hot chocolate. Jose had no plans for the day and seemed keen to show me a little bit of 'his Boston'. I had a rugby match to check out at one o'clock, so we hit the street at about eleven for a walking tour.

Cheers. Inside Trinty Church, Boston.

Jose admitted that his tour of the city was somewhat biased, since most places that were of interest to him were music related. He walked me around Harvard, where he'd studied, and spoke of the emotions he felt the first time he walked through the grounds... a dream come true. Along the way, we passed several venues where Jose's music has been performed by this orchestra or that one. I don't remember all the names and details, but it was incredible to see someone who had achieved their dreams the way this boy from Chihuahua has. By the way, Jose told me that Chihuahua means 'fiery conqueror of the desert'- makes you wonder who named the breed of dog, eh?

This guy made me laugh so much, he almost had me in tears when I saw him walking up the street holding this sign.

We made it to Gil's rugby match just after kickoff. It was Jose's first introduction to the game of rugby, and he was horrified that Gil appeared to be bleeding. When Gil came in to be taped up and then returned to play, Jose was in disbelief. I have to say, for a university level rugby game, it was a hard, tough match with a level of skill I wouldnt've expected outside a professional team. Gil was all over the game; even Jose commented on that. It was a tight score, with each team taking a turn at the lead, but finally Gil's MadDogs got the advantage and claimed victory. Jose and I were both hungry after the long walk, so hurried off in search of food.

Completing my challenge. Gil is in the foreground with the white tape on his thigh. Me, enjoying a delicious but unusual chicken and broccoli pizza, and looking somewhat like a transexual.

It was a relief not to have far to travel to my next host. Usually I try to make each leg of my travel less than two hundred miles. That way, I can be fairly sure of making it to my next host by nightfall. Today, I only had to travel two stops on the subway, and then walk eight blocks to Katt's place. Katt was busy until 8:00 p.m. so I spent the afternoon catching up on my journal updates at Jose's, before catching the 'T' to Cambridge.

Katt and her boyfriend Hans met me in a coffee shop in Cambridge. They help run a small studio just a few doors down the street, displaying a variety of art and also hosting all sort of off beat performances. Tonight, they had a screening of a very very strange black and white movie. I hoped I wouldn't have to watch the whole film, and luckily Katt also wanted to get away. She and another friend of hers took me to 'Middle East', a restaurant and club with belly dancing. That was something different. It was packed with Arabic men, but the blonde dancers and the smoke free environment made it feel a little less than authentic! I wanted to take photos, but I'm sure the dancer would've expected a tip!

Katt outside her Zeitgeist Theatre.
Katt had warned me that their place was very crowded. That never bothers me. I had a comfortable sofa to sleep on.