Sunday 12th October. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A decision had to be made. I was starting to feel very comfortable in Montreal. The even more French Quebec city beckoned from the north, and I also had invitations from readers in other parts of Ontario. However, the main priority at the moment has to be to keep moving, visiting new and interesting places and meeting new and hopefully interesting people.

I had great luck hitchhiking down here from Montreal. It's normally about a six hour drive, but even though it took me two separate rides, I made it in five and a half. Both drivers were travelling at 130kph or more! I haven't been organized enough to email my potential hosts here in Toronto, so I checked into the Global Village Backpackers Hostel downtown. I phoned a couple of hosts and left phone messages; hopefully someone will let me stay with them tomorrow, as this place is twenty-five bucks a night!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada. I'm not sure how big that is here, or whether it'll affect my chances of finding a place to stay tomorrow, but I guess I'll find out sooner or later. Trick or treat!

Also it was one year ago today that terrorists killed hundreds of young backpackers in Bali. I've been astounded by how many Americans had not even heard of that attack. I know that many Australians will be thinking of the families of those that were killed and injured a year ago. I hope you'll visit my 'Not So Savage' Bali page, a tribute to the beauty of this uniquely friendly tropical island.

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