Saturday 18th October. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Yesterday was drizzly and cold. Today is drizzly and cool. The majority of my time here at Nicole's has been spent on the computer, emailing my potential hosts in the US, and trying to plot an itinerary in case I'm fortunate enough to be allowed re-etry into the country. It's not automatic that I'd be allowed back in; since 9-11 security procedures have been tightened. Officially, one must leave the entire continent of North america in order to re-enter. Unoficially, I met a German girl in Boston who had renewed her status simply by crossing into Canada for a day. As I've come to learn, my fate relies entirely on the individual officer who is on duty at the time. Phew! What a gamble.

So if you're waiting to set me a challenge, here is my most likely route *if I get back in*
Guelph, Ontario
Burlington, Ontario
London, Ontario
Blenheim, Ontario
Windsor, Ontario
Detroit, Michigan
Toledo, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio or Indianapolis, Indiana
Cincinnatti, Ohio
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Baltimore, Maryland
Washington D.C
Norfolk, Virginia
Wilmington, North Carolina
Tallahassee, Florida
Gainesville, Florida
Fort Myers, Florida
Miami, Florida
back to New York to catch my flight to London, UK

So get those challenges in!

I've discovered a great little cafe/bar around the corner from Nicole's apartment, where I've breakfasted the last two days. Of course, I use the term 'breakfasted' loosely, since it was after five o'clock yesterday by the time I dragged myself away from the computer and out into the weather. Today it was a little earlier; about two o'clock. Three eggs, three bacon, toast, a huge pile of fries and bottomless coffee for four bucks. What a way to start the day, eh? If you get there early enough, the morning special is four eggs and four bacon with all the trimmings for the same price. I'm sure it'd cost twice as much in a cafe downtown.

Yesterday when I returned from 'breakfast', there was a message on my messageboard from Mike, Nicole's roommate. He was just about to knock off work, and he and some frined would be at the Foggy Dew pub a few blocks away if I wanted to join them. Nicole had ten girlfriends joining her here for a poker night, so I was happy to escape. The Foggy Dew is an Irish pub and it was a comfortable place to sit and swap a few stories with Mike and his mates. When Mike and I returned to the apartment at around midnight, most of the girls had gone home but the few that remained made up for the lack of numbers with their volume! At three in the morning, they tried to drag me out to same 'after hours bar' but I wasn't in the mood, especially when Nicole's neighbour told me it was a male strip show!

Nicole's roommate Mike, after a few beers at the Foggy Dew.

Of course, the girls woke me when they returned at 5:30 a.m just to let me know what a wonderful time I'd missed out on. Thanks girls. Oh and Jane, if you're reading this, you're one hot sheila! *even though a bit bossy...and doesn't like being called a sheila*

A blurry photo of Nicole and a few of her friends. At least the wine bottles were in focus!. The CN tower in clearer weather a few days ago.

So here I sit in Toroto, home of the world's tallest freestanding structure, the CN tower. If it's a clear day tomorrow, I'll head to the top for a view. If not, I'll spend my day in front of the computer screen again. *how riveting for you* Monday, I leave Toronto on my way south. It'll probably be around five days before I reach Windsor, which is the crossover point to the States. I'm sure that each day, I'll get increasingly nervous as the border gets closer. What happens if I don't get back into the States? God only knows!

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