Tuesday 21st October. Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

What was I thinking? Last night Deb asked if I'd like to go to the gym with her in the morning, or have a bit of a sleep in. I said I wanted to go have a workout. Stupid. Seven o'clock Deb knocked on my bedroom door.
"You still want to come to the gym?" she asked.
"hrghf" I said and staggered to my feet in the darkness. Seriously though, I really miss working out, and once I got to the gym I enjoyed the workout. I do think I overdid it though. Don't be surprised if by Thursday I'm too stiff and sore to even type a journal update.

One and a half hours of punishment, and Deb took me to meet Crystal and her Mum at a new restaurant in town, 'Eggsetera'. Kind of a breakfast restaurant that's open till the evening. Let's see how that works out for them. The menu was extraordinary. I didn't know eggs could be prepared in so many ways. I chose the Blue Cheese Eggs Benedict. Yum Yum Yum. Deb had a little time left before she had to go catch bad guys, so she was kind enough to drive me to Cambellville, about halfway to Burlington, where Gerald and Lucille were expecting me.


I was unprepared for the cold. After half an hour by the road in Cambellville, there was no way I could stand it any more, so I zipped open my backpack and did a quick roadside striptease, adding another couple of layers under my tshirt, sweatshirt and fleece. Kind of made me wonder about the wisdom of throwing away my old sweatshirt and two tshirts yesterday, but I'm very proud that I've been able to 'shrink' my backpack. You see, it's a crazy hybrid backpack, both top loading and front loading, and adjustable capacity. There's a zip down each side that releases a gusset, increasing the volume from sixty-five litres to seventy-five litres. Up until Toronto, I've been using it on full capacity, but with shedding a bit of gear, it's tightly zipped to sixty-five litres.

Cambellville, Ontario.

It took over an hour to get a ride, which is a bit frustrating when it's only a twenty minute drive. Rich, the guy who gave me a lift, had just recently spent eight months in Australia. He and some other local guys are just about to launch a new men's magazine S.U.M.M, kind of an Ontario centred FHM equivalent. Have a look at the website, boys and see what you think.

Lucille had said she'd be home from work at a quarter to two. By the time I found a bathroom at the mall where Rich had dropped me off, it was exactly that time. Lucille and her dog Sabrina came to pick me up, and Gerry got home from work not long after. Gerry is originally from Ireland, and worked for Air Canada for most of his career. That means he and Lucille still get free or at least greatly reduced airfares to almost any destination in the world. I am sick with jealousy!

Lucille and Gerry.

Gerry shared a few of his tasty home brewed beers with me, while Lucille prepared a delicious spaghetti dish. Now now girls, don't get all upset about gender roles and political correctness- Gerry normally does all the cooking, but Lucille gave him the night off tonight so he could chat to me. They are real early risers, Gerry leaving the house before 5:00 a.m. He fell asleep in front of the TV and Lucille sent him to bed, assuring him that "Steve won't be offended. He knows you have to be up early!" I sat up and watched NYPD Blue, then got a little bit of work done on the computer before I couldn't keep my eyes open.

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