Tuesday 28th October. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

If you've been following the postings on my messageboard, you'll see I've received a challenge for Pittsburgh. I'll take care of that tomorrow, with pleasure! If you're new to the whole 'challenge' concept, this is one of the ways that this website helps to pay for itself. Check out my Challenge Steve page to see the challenges that have been issued so far, and the ones that have been successfully completed. New challenges are always welcome!

Hot Tim, myself and Amy out to lunch. Since I met Hot Tim, I think my new nickname should be Hot Steve!

While Amy was at work today, I had a rather unproductive day trying to get stuff done. I spent an hour or more trying to find a bank that would change my Canadaian cash into greenbacks. In a city the size of Pittsburgh, you wouldn't think this would be a mission. However at every bank I tried, I was told confidently that the only place where foreign currency could be exchanged would be at the airport. Then I spent most of the day trying to find an internet cafe where I could log on with my laptop. That was an unsuccessful mission, but time consuming and great exercise. My third mission for the day was to find the Pittsburgh Beauty Academy, where you can let hairdressing students practice their skills for the princely sum of five bucks. My last haircut was over six months ago, so I guess I'm due for a trim before too much longer. When I finally found the Academy, I also found that it had closed down a couple of months ago.

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