Sunday 2nd November. Toledo, Ohio, United States.

Yesterday morning, Joe had some business to do at his father's car dealership. I went in with him and set my laptop up in an office, using the time to catch up with work. An old friend of Joe's was in there as well, so we ended up going out for lunch with him. I tried to update the website at Kinko's after lunch but as was the case in Pittsburgh, my laptop just didn't recognize the connection. I'm convinced there's nothing wrong with the computer, since it worked recently in London, Ontario. Damn stupid connections!

Most of the day had gone by then, and we were to meet Jim in Toledo that evening. I was a bit tired still from a late night last night, but I wasn't going to admit it until Joe said he felt like taking a nap before we went out. Phew, me too. I only slept for an hour or so, but woke feeling recharged. We met Jim and some other friends of theirs at Jed's Bar and Grill in suburban Toledo. When I saw they had Hefeweizen on tap, I recommended that Joe try that. It's a cloudy German style wheat beer that Tim from Texas introduced me to. Joe had one and then reverted to Bud Light, but I stuck to the tasty Hefeweizen.

There were murmurs among the group about wanting to dance, so we moved from Jed's to the 'dance bar' next door. It wasn't so much a dance club- thankfully- as it was a live music venue with a dance floor. Their music was good- a lot of older stuff that I would've danced to if I could dance. The boys wanted to show me a real cross section of Toledo, so we headed into the downtown area and checked out a few of the bars there. That was where I gained a little more understanding of what it must be like to be a cop. We were just about to enter one particular club, when a loud call came from the top of the stairs, and everybody stared at us.
"T.P.D in the house!" A shifty looking guy at the entrance to the club had recognized Joe at first glance as a cop. He was glaring. Jim and Joe turned around, mumbling something like "I guess we didn't want to go in there anyway". The three of us ended up having breakfast at Big Boy restaurant, which goes to show that it was another late night!

I woke late this morning to a breakfast of scrambled eggs - a second breakfast! Along with a couple of aspirin and paracetemol, the breakfast gave me the 'get up and go' that I needed to join Joe for midday Mass. That's right, for the first time in almost twenty years I went to church. Sorry Mum that it was a Catholic church, but hey, it's better than nothing! The stained glass windows didn't explode when I swung open the heavy timber doors. The little ceramic bowls of holy water didn't boil over and hiss into clouds of steam. I guess I must be still on good terms with the man upstairs after all. I even helped Joe in his ushering duties, taking up the collection and guiding people to the front for communion.

After Mass, Joe asked if there was something I was keen to see or do for the afternoon. I said that what I'd really like to do- so I wouldn't feel like such a freeloader- was to do some work around the house. My reasoning is that if you stay with someone for a day or two, you're entitled to consider yourself a guest. Any more than that and you become a part of the household, however temporary. I'm likely to be here at Joe's for five nights in all, and it's only fair if I help out in some way. Joe had been paying my way since I got here and I was starting to feel like a leech. He said he'd been meaning to get the loungeroom painted but that was too big a job to start. Nonsense. By dinner time, it'd been both started and finished.

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