Sunday 14th December. London, England.

...and here across the Atlantic, the rollercoaster of emotions continues. Catherine was out grocery shopping when I called, so we arranged to meet in a pub near her house. When she walked into the bar, a million memories hurtled through my mind. Catherine and I go back a long way. We first met in Hollywood, California in the summer of 1992 at what was then called Banana Bungalow backpackers hostel. Catherine was a roommate of my then girlfriend Sara. We spent several months there, working but living the sort of carefree lifestyle that most of us could only dream of now. Some five years later, as I was hitching around the UK during a bitter February snowstorm, my travels brought me in touch with Catherine again, in Manchester. We grew very close in our short time together there, but my plans had me bound for the Middle East and West Africa. Another two years passed, I was home in Brisbane, and I received a phone call. I recognized the voice as soon as she said hello. Catherine was touring Australia with a couple of friends, and she came to stay with me for two months. Now almost another four years have been and gone, and here I am in Croydon, just outside London, drinking tea with Catherine in her charming little attic flat.

I've started looking for work, but will be happy if I don't actually start anything till the New Year. Until then, I'll be flat out working on my book... and cooking dinner for Catherine :)

The view from Catherine's lounge room.

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