Wednesday 17th December. London, England.

Someone tell the operator to stop the ride! This rollercoaster's making me nauseous! Yesterday, I caught the tube into Kensington and wandered the streets of my old stomping ground. Not one of the old faces remained at the Kensington Plaza Hotel. It made me realize how blindingly fast the years go by- almost a decade ago since I worked in that hotel. If the next ten years go that quickly, I'll be forty-five before I know it. Sitting on a park bench in Kensington Gardens, staring at the palace, a cold, stark reminder of how short life is... and how unpredictable it is... and how precious it is. I sat outside Harts convenience store, across from Gloucester Road tube station sipping a cappucino and wondering about life.

With money that Mum and my brother Phil gave me for my birthday, I bought the runners and a great wool coat. I'd been looing all over for one, and finally found what I was wanting. It's secondhand, but top quality and looks just like new. That coat will become my new best friend over the next couple of months, I'm sure. There's not really any photos for you, since all I've been doing is working on my book and wandering the streets. I did snap these couple of little beauties, though. Hope you like 'em!

In England for Christmas and New Years.