Monday 3rd May, Warrington, Cheshire, England.

Here's a copy of an email I received last week. You couldn't imagine how fantastic I felt as I read the message. It has given me a new enthusiasm for the project.

Hey, just wanted to let you know something wonderful! Remember back when you posted the information about the orphanage in your journal? Well, I got a nice letter from Lama Thupten who is the principal of the orphanage. He received a package of clothes from someone to give to the children. He provided me with their name and address, and they live not far from here!

I thought this person from Petaluma who had sent the package had done so as a result of something that I got printed in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper travel section, and I wrote her thanking for her support. I just got an email back from her telling me she didn't find out about the orphanage from that newspaper article, but instead from your website! Amazing!

I thought you should know that a wonderful and kind deed resulted from you posting that information in your journal! Thank you again for having done this. It's greatly appreciated.

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