Tuesday 25th May, Asilah, Morocco.

Ah, relaxation at last! It's not quite the holiday most visitors to Morocco enjoy, but it's what I needed. Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day- with the occasional break for some sweet mint tea- working on my computer. You might remember that when my previous laptop passed away, it took with it most of the details of the thousand-plus people who were in my address book. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to whose details have been lost and whose were on my backup disk. The only solution I could find was to download some 1375 sent emails that my mail server has saved, and scroll through them one at a time, cutting and pasting each person's name, email address and other details into my Outlook address book. Now that's all done, and I've managed to salvage just under 1100 email addresses, which is something of a relief.

The view from my favourite table, in my favourite cafe.

I've also been investigating different software that has been loaded onto this new laptop. For example, there's some video software that allows me to make really cool slide shows with a soundtrack chosen from the couple of hundred songs that I've stored on my C drive. The only problem is that the finished file size is massive! At the speed the local internet cafe's network operates, it would take all day to upload the file to my website. It's a shame because they're really much better than the wmv files I've done so far.

So it's possible that I'll be in Asilah for a while as I continue editing my book, and make some improvements to the site. My hotel room is costing a little more than I was paying in Tangiers or Chefchaouen, but it's worth it to be here, away from the hassles. In case some of you are still interested in the prices here in Morocco, here's a few more examples:

Internet cafe- 8 dirham an hour (50 pence, less than $US1)
This morning's breakfast- cheese omelette with bread, coffee, and a small bowl of olives- 16 dirham (1, $US2)
Mint tea- 4 dirham (25 pence, $US0.40)

oops, Siesta time.

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