Friday 28th May. Asilah, Morocco.

This seaside town has lulled me into a pretty pleasant and manageable daily routine. I thought I'd share it with you- it goes something like this:

8:00 am to 9:00 am - slowly wake up, spending a good hour or so in that zone between asleep and awake, where you're not sure if you're still dreaming. I usually convince myself that I am, and curl up for a bit more sleep.

10:00 am (ish) - actually wake up, and discover my hand is inside an empty paper bag on the pillow next to me. Think to myself "That's strange" Crank up the laptop and do a bit of work on my journal.

11:00 am (ish) - get out of bed, admire the perfect day outside, and enjoy a warm shower downstairs. Walk to my favourite cafe for a cheese omelette and a bowl of olives, and sit there sipping coffee and trying to look cool.

As far as cool goes, this is about the best I can do, sorry.

12:00 noon - arrive at the internet cafe, which opens at twelve o'clock.

12:30/ 1:00 pm - internet cafe actually opens.

I'll resemble the hunchback of Notre Dame by the time I'm done!

4:00 pm - drag myself away from the internet cafe, having trawled my way through the best part of a hundred emails, still determined to reply to every one. Buy a kilogram of Moroccan sweets on my way back to my favourite cafe, where I sip coffee and eat toast, and decompress from four hours of staring at a computer screen. Watch the world go by for a while, trying to look cool, still.

The very friendly sweet seller.

6:00 pm (ish) - return to my rooftop room. Spread out the 200 page draft on my bed and begin the process of updating the changes onto my computer.

Hard at work, but it still doesn't feel like 'work'.

beer o'clock - make a quick trip to the liquor store nextdoor (fancy my hotel being right nextdoor to the only liquor store in town) for a cold can of Flag Speciale beer to wash down the Moroccan sweets while I'm working.

Biere de Prestige. Really doesn't feel like 'work'.

sometime before dawn - fall asleep with half a bag of Moroccan sweets next to me on the bed.

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