Sunday 30th May, Larache, Morocco.

A game of football in front of the ruined 16th century POrtugese built Fort Qebibat..The Atlantic.

I've moved on down the coast a little ways to another laid back seaside town called Larache. It's bigger than Asilah, and with even less tourists, which means it's even less likely that I'll meet anbody who speaks English. But the good thing about less tourists is that there's even less hustlers who make a living out of pestering us. I've only been here a few hours but I like it already. I've booked into a nice hotel close to the waterfront, cheaper than my room in Asilah, and this time I even have a sea view (although technically it's more of a 'glimpse' than a view). My room also has a private balcony, which is lovely and overlooks the Place de la Liberation, the central square. The balcony is just big enough that if I'm not wearing my daypack, I can turn around on it. It's about two and a half feet square! I can drag my chair to the doorway and put my feet up on the railing though, and that's all that matters.

It was thirty-six degrees when I got to town at lunchtime. You wouldn't have known it though, because of course that doesn't take into account the cooling evaporative effect on your skin from the extremely pleasant sea breeze. It has made me realize how hot it's going to be when I move on from here in the next few days, away from the coast, to Meknes and Fes. It will undoubtedly be a shock in more than one way, since Meknes and Fes, being major tourist destinations, will mean a return to putting up with the constant harrassment from hustlers, touts and 'faux guides'. Oh well, we'll see if I can handle them better now that I'm refreshed and recharged.

There's a twenty-four hour internet cafe just a block from the hotel. Connecting with my laptop was no problem, and the connection is a lot faster than the cafes I used in Asilah. The manager is fascinated with my website, and has been surfing The Savage Files ever since I gave him my card. He's given me a good price for printing out the latest draft of my book. I'll probably be ready to do that tomorrow- all 150 pages of it, and that's with a reduced font size, and the barest minimum of margins. I believe it's up to 130 000 words now. That should be enough to bore you to sleep every night for a month!

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