Wednesday 7th July, Olula Del Rio, Spain.

Sorry, I only have a few minutes so I'll have to be brief. Nick and Robin are flying back to England tomorrow, and leaving me to get on with the renovation. We're all going out tonight, and the boys have promised to get me to an internet cafe, so here's the lowdown. It's a HUGE job, I started by busting a hole through the kitchen wall so we could fit two windows. Now the shelia of the house will have views over the valley while she does the washing up! I hired a rock drill and knocked holes through the three foot thich stone walls for the toilet outlets and the water inlets, and I've been trying to get some plumbing happening. Over the coming weeks, I'll be concreting the floors, plastering the walls, painting, landscaping and everything else that comes along. Until now, we've still been staying in a hotel here in Olula Del Rio, but tomorrow I will take up residence at the farmhouse. My first priority will be plumbing, since Nick and Robin bought me two lovely new bathroom suites, but at the moment, I don't have any running water inside the house!

Robin and Nick outside the casa..My first job was to bust a hole in the kitchen wall to fit two windows.

The house is in the Andalucia Mountains just outside a small village called Chercos. Chercos is a sleepy little place with one cafe and a public swimming pool. As far as I can tell, that is all the village has to offer. At this point, I don't think there is any public transport to or from Chercos, so when my initial grocery supplies run out, I will have to hitchhike to the nearest town, Macael. Macael may or may not have an internet cafe, so I might have difficulty accessing the internet regularly for most of this month. That's a shame, but I need the money from this job so my travels can continue.

I will- over the course of the project- be keeping a journal of the renovation, and when I get the chance I'll post my progress here on this page. I feel lost when I'm away from the internet, but for now, the main priority has to be the work. I had hoped to get my book printed this month, but orders have been disappointing and currently it wouldn't be feasible for me to go ahead with the printing for such a small print run. If you'd like to reserve a copy of my book "Everywhere but Missouri, mate!" go to my bookpreview page for more information. I will only be printing enough books to satisfy the orders received, so if you don't want to miss out, or if you know someone else who might be interested to read about my travels around North America, you know what to do! The good news is that I've discovered a printing company that promises to print within two weeks of receiving the manuscript, so once this job is finished, I should be able to go ahead and get the book printed and distributed without too much of a delay. I'd like to take this opportunity to say thankyou to those people who have ordered my book, especially the three readers who have ordered five copies each!! Don't forget it's only five months till christmas, and "Everywhere but Missouri, mate!" would make an unforgettable Christmas present :)

That's it from me for now. As the Spanish say Hasta la vista, baby!"

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