Saturday 17th July, Casa del Sangria, Chercos, Spain.

Wilson has taken a few days off to visit a friend in Barcelona, so I'm on my lonesome again. We've made quite substantial progress over the last week. I've plumbed the entire house, and only have one tiny leak to fix up. Concreting is coming along nicely- one section each day- and we've also started several major landscaping projects. As far as possible, I try to do a couple of hours landscaping in the morning before it gets too hot, and then return to it again in the cool of the evening. There's enough daylight to work outside till ten o'colck at night. During the heat of the day is when we do our concreting, and I get on with a variety of odd jobs. Lately I've been busy building walls for the downstairs bathroom and the ensuite, and working on a pair of big circular steps in the entry foyer. When Wilson returns on Monday, we are to be joined by another of my Morocco travel buddies, and once the three of us have spent a few days throwing rocks and concrete around, you won't recognize the place.

It was my plan to make a 'before and after' photographic portfolio, but I forgot to take the 'before' collection when I first arrived. I'll have to try to make do with the shots I have got. Here's the first set to give you an idea. There will be many more to follow, posted on my NOT SO SAVAGE FILES salute to Casa Del Sangria!