Sunday 18th July, Casa del Sangria, Chercos, Spain.

You know you're in for a lousy day when...
You wake up late, and flies bothering you, so you reach for the can of insect spray on the floor and holding it incorrectly, promptly spray yourself generously in the face. That really got the day off to a sudden start!

Work has slowed down a bit now that I'm on my own again. I've been poking along with the small one-man jobs like concreting the steps inside, building a neat concrete staircase into the garden, and my pride and joy- two large round steps from the entry foyer into the loungeroom. In front of the house, on a lower level of the garden, is a small shed, the roof of which has long collapsed. Previous builders had filled the shed to about five feet above its roofline with all manner of rubble. I've been busy removing the excess rubble to use as landfill and levelling the remaining pile ready to concrete it into a great little barbecue area. If you can see from this photo, the roof of the shed is on the same level as the footpath out from the kitchen. It'll be awesome. I've got so many ideas for this place, and I've worked out a schedule for the next seven days that should see the entire house concreted and all the major landscaping finished. That will be just in time for the visit from Robin and Nick's business partner next Wednesday. Now here's hoping that Wilson returns tomorrow and that our other mate joins us as well.