Tuesday 20th July, Casa del Sangria, Chercos, Spain.

Wilson returned yesterday on the same bus as Bhu, our new recruit. Bhu was another one of the Essaouira crew. He emailed me that he was on his way to Spain, had a week to kill and needed the money as much as any of us. So here he is. Half an hour after being shown to his room here in Casa Del Sangria, Bhu had a shovel in his hands and was showing me the proper way to build steps (both his parents are gardeners/landscapers, so he has some experience in this area!) Perhaps I shouldn't have let him use the pick though, because with his first swing of the pick, Bhu managed to burst through a 40mm water pipe that was just under the ground level in the driveway. I sort of patched it up as best I could, but it was still leaking- not having any forty millimetre fittings made it challenging. Then we discovered that this small unimportant looking low densty PVC pipe (40mm is about an inch and a half diameter to you old people and Americans!) is actually the water supply for the entire village! OOPS!

Bhu showing me how to build steps..Wilson on rake duty.

A visiting real estate agent was kind enough to drive me into nearby Macael to pick up some fittings, and the problem was resolved in an hour or so. The village residents can now shower again!

The real estate agent wasn't the only visitor I had yesterday, though. I was working in the front yard when a small black rental car pulled up in the driveway. A young guy stepped out smiling, and said "I know that face. You must be Steve!" I couldn't imagine who he could be. Robin and Nick's business partner from England isn't expected for another week yet, and no-one else knows I'm here. "I'm Sebastian!" he said, laughing. Believe it or not, he is one of the readers of my website, and had tracked me down. Sebastian and I have been in contact over the last few months, and I had planned to visit him in Zaragoza, in northern Spain, next month. But no, he happened to be driving around southern Spain with his mate Klaus and figured I shouldn't be too hard to find. They just asked around Chercos if anyone knew where the Australian was who was working on a house, and next thing you know I'm sharing a cold beer with them in Casa Del Sangria. Lucky I'd been able to buy a bag of ice at a bar in the village that day, even though the ice cost as much as seventeen cans of beer! Crazy I know, but you can't drink hot beer so you gotta pay. The ice also helps keep my cheese and ham fresh too, if I have room for them in the ice box :)