Sunday 25th July, Casa del Sangria, Chercos, Spain.

Keeping up to date with the paperwork at the end of a hard day's work.

Thank God we're almost finished! By the end of the day yesterday, I couldn't even pick up a bucket of cement. After four days of running up and down the scaffold with a twenty kilogram bucket of cement in each hand, the pain in my right shoulder has been getting slowly worse, and is now accompanied by a gripping tightness in my lower back and an all over dull ache. I've not had a decent night's sleep since I got here, and I can feel it. Three weeks of sleeping on the hard floor, taking cold showers and living off canned food and sandwiches is really starting to take its toll. I've not seen television or a newspaper since I left England two months ago, and have only had one chance to catch up with my emails since Robin and Nick left me here in Chercos. I hate the fact that my website is suffering, but without this period of work, I wouldn't be able to afford to travel much further. I just hope I can handle a few more days.