Friday 6th August, Calpe, Spain.

Madrid was parting again last night. Maria took me to a street festival in the Rastro area. It was another reminder of the different lifestyle that the Spanish keep, with the first band- a Spanish heavy metal band- appearing on stage at around 11:00p.m. Children were playing in the streets, and old people were standing back on the edges of the crowd, waiting for the next band. Some time after midnight, the rock band played their last encore, and a more traditional Spanish band started tuning up for their set. They played popular old Spanish dance tunes, a few recognizeable American pieces ("There's something 'bout you baby I like!") and even a Shakira number. To see seventy year olds dancing to Shakira in the wee hours of the morning was just something I'm not used to. I love this place.

Heavy metal, Spanish style..Traditional Spanish band.

Maria was telling me a funny story about something that happened to her at work. She'd been working on an important presentatoin for a major client company. When she was happy with the presentation, she saved it to disk and mailed it off the the client. Two days later, the manager of the client company phoned Maria's boss to let him know he'd received the disk. He said he was quite enjoying it, although it wasn't exactly what he'd expected. Somehow Maria had mailed him a Red Hot Chili Peppers CD. OOPS!


I was sad to be leaving Madrid, but I know that my brother and his family are just across the border in France, and I have to keep moving that way. This morning I got myself down to the bus station, and boarded the midday bus to Calpe, a small resort town on the Mediterranean coast just north of Alicante. My hosts here are Jon and Annabelle, an English couple who've lived in this part of Spain for years, since it was mostly olive groves. They surprised me by meeting my bus when it arrived. I was reaching into the luggage bin for my backpack when a voice called "You must be Steve!"

So here I am for the next few days, in a beautiful villa complete with swimming pool. Ah, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it. I'll have to tell you more about Jon and Anabelle tomorrow. Right now, the crystal clear swimming pool is calling me!

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