Tuesday 23rd August, somewhere in France.

Maria left for Madrid Sunday night, and I 'checked in' to the bookstore. What, you've never stayed in a bookstore before? Well, Shakespeare and Company Bokstore in the Latin Quarter of Paris is not your usual bookstore. I'm lazy today (actually that's not true; I'm pressed for time) so rather than rabbit on about it myself, I'll give you the links to a couple of articles about this unusual place and the even more unusual man who runs it, George Whitman.





I stayed at Shakespeare's two nights. In return for a free bench to sleep on, I alphabetized the biography section. Everyone who stay there also helps to set up and close down each day. That only takes ten minutes at noon, and ten minutes at midnight. The rest of my time I seemed to wander around kind of dazed, never venturing too far from the bookstore. Sometimes I would sit for a couple of hours outside the store, watching the characters come and go. I was trying to make it enjoyable, but it seemed that when Maria left on Sunday night, she took with her everything that I loved about this city.

George's motto at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore.

This afternoon at 2:30 I boarded a bus to ...

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