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Monday 19th October, Madrid, Spain
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On Saturday, Maria and I went to the movies. Nothing too exciting about that. The movie wasn't even that good. In fact "Before Sunset", the sequel to "Before Sunrise" was downright disappointing, except for one thing. The opening scenes were shot in Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris, where I spent two nights in August! I even saw the bench that I slept on, and made sure to let everyone in the cinema know it.

On the travel front, Maria and I have finally decided we are off to Russia in January, via Prague, Berlin, Warsaw and Minsk. I'm really looking forward to it, apparently the weather is lovely in St Petersburg that time of year!

But I have a mountain of work to do between now and then. Marketing "Missouri" is almost a full time job in itself, let alone getting it ready for a second edition. This morning I had an interview with Liv Kilpatrick, the editor of The Broadsheet, a popular English language publication that is sold all over Spain. Liv is a delightful lady, and is considering doing a review on "Everywhere but Missouri, mate!". Also, she's interested in receiving some stories from me about my experiences here in Spain, for publication in The Broadsheet. I thought maybe one about my month in Chercos! Having a story published in a major magazine would be very cool, if only I could find a few more hours in each day. Maybe soon, since Maria has taken pity on me, and promised to get rid of this sluggish dial up connection, and hook me up with some cable power. That'll save me at least two hours a day in lost connections, redialing and waiting for pages to refresh. I'll hardly know what to do with myself then!


On Friday the 12th of November, J and J's bookshop and cafe is hosting a book signing event for me. I'll be talking about my travels, and well... signing books, I guess. If you're anywhere in Western Europe, I recommend coming along.

Another little event that might be coming up is a radio gig at Vaughan Radio, boring Madrid to tears with stories of my travels and my first book. Vaughan systems is an integrated English language company here in Spain, from Madrid's only English language radio station, to in company English lessons, but their most interesting project- which I actually considered when I first arrived in Madrid (before I met Maria)- is Englishtown. Quite a concept, and apparently a huge success!

In conclusion, I wonder if you're interested to see my latest acquisition? It's going to be invaluable over the coming months. It is ..... *drum roll*.. the latest addition to the range of streetsmart security gear from Pac-safe, the DAYSAFE! I'm already kitted out with three of Pac-safe's quality products, the COVERSAFE secure waist wallet, the STASHSAFE secure hip pack, and their original PACSAFE stainless steel mesh backpack protector. Their latest, the DAYSAFE, is a twenty-five litre daypack, with Pac-safe's unique high tensile slash proof stainless steel mesh protection, and a lockable main compartment, including a hardened shackle brass padlock that allows the DAYSAFE to be locked and secured to any secure fixture. It's so new, it isn't even on their website yet! How did I get my hands on one? Well, you just gotta know the right people, I guess.

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