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Monday 29th November, Madrid, Spain
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thirty degrees celcius, and I didn't even have to leave Spain!

As the temperatures in Europe plummet into winter, who would have thought that there would be a place in Spain where it was still hot enough to enjoy the beach?

Feeling overdressed in jeans and a tshirt!

That's right, the Canary Islands! Maria's friend Luis was getting married on Gran Canaria on Saturday, and as a birthday present Maria shouted me the airfare. What a sweetheart...

Luis and Elena, after the deed was done.

We only arrived back in Madrid at six o'clock this morning, and I'm still jetlagged. Poor Maria had to turn around and go straight to work. I spent the day dragging myself in and out of bed in a daze. Now it's almost midnight and I've finally come to life enugh to share some of the photos with you. There's quite a few pics, so I've placed them on a separate page.

Of course I know how to behave myself at a wedding.

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