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Thursday 9th December, Madrid, Spain
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I'm as sick as an old black dog, so don't expect too much from me today. I've got a sore throat, blocked sinuses, and a headache. Hourly mucus production is in litres- I'm actually finding it quite fascinating. Of course, being a man, there is no doubt in my mind that nobody on earth has ever been this sick. I farewelled Maria this morning as though it was likely to be the last time I'd see her. Suffering this level of pain of course my body couldn't be expected to withstand the day, and by the time Maria returns home from work this evening, I'll surely be just a cold stiff body slumped over a tiny laptop in the corner of the lounge. She asked me if she can have my camera and computer if I die.

She's not entirely useless though, this girlie of mine. In fact last night she helped me with the logo for a new tshirt in The Savage Files Emporium...

It seems that this next week I'm gonna be famous. The local newspaper back home in Brisbane is publishing an article on my travels and my book, a follow up to this article that they printed before I left Australia almost eighteen months ago. On Saturday I'm doing a telephone interview with a Brisbane radio station, 4BC. That evening, I've also got a book reading at J and J bookstore here in Madrid. Then next Tuesday, I'm on the radio, as a guest on a show called "Highways and Byways". If you're in Madrid, catch me making a fool of myself on Vaughan Radio at 101.00 FM between 2:30 and 4:30 on Tuesday the 14th.

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