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Saturday 11th December, Madrid, Spain
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You know it's going to be a good day when you awake to a fifty dollar challenge. This came in by email this morning...
"We have some great friends who live in Madrid. I will give you their contact info. I'm not sure if any of their three adult sons are living at home now but hope so!! The twins stayed with us in the States two summers long ago. Usually we send them a present at this time of year but we thought this year, we could use you to buy and deliver a special gift to them, and what we normally spend on postage, we could forward to you for your trouble. We thought maybe one of those big Spanish leg hams, with the hoof still attatched. We saw them when we were in Spain, and they seem like a real delicacy. Can you get us a price on a good quality (Iberico) ham? The challenge is worth $50.00 to your travel fund if you post a photo of you with the family members home when you deliver. Hope this all works!! Just tell them that we wish them Happy Holidays and wish they were here visiting in our home."
Reward= fifty US dollars
Status= pending...

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