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Sunday 12th December, Madrid, Spain
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One year ago today I landed in London. My five month, fifteen thousand mile hitchhiking odyssey around North America was over. When I read back on my journal entry from my first day in England, I shudder. If only I'd known that day what pain and confusion lay ahead of me over the next two weeks, I would have jumped back onto that aeroplane, or any other plane for that matter.

And yet, that winter in England went on to become one of my most cherished memories, full of learning experiences and the beginning of what I know will be some lifelong friendships. I shudder again when I remember how close I came to giving up. My life since then has just become richer, filled with great experiences, great friends, and yielding a happiness that I could never have dreamt of.

What would have become of me if I'd given up a year ago? If it seems like I'm trying to make a point, it's because I am. You never know when life is going to knock you down, but you can never underestimate how quickly things can turn around again. Last week, I received the terrible news that a friend of mine has given up... in the most final way. He was a person who had everything to live for, and yet in his depression and pain he just couldn't see it. The tragedy is that he will never have the opportunity to look back and say "Thank God I didn't give up."

Every day brings a new opportunity.

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