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Saturday 11th June 2005, Madrid, Spain

Mmmm... TAPAS!! For months now, I've been a regular visitor to a particular Madrid-based online messageboard. Most of the members are expats from English speaking countries, and it's a great resource for the guiri, with all sorts of information about jobs, accommodations, gigs and just general chat about what it's like to live in Spain. I've always just been a silent observer but when I saw that a get-together was being organzied- an evening of tapas and sangria- to welcome one of the members to Spain, I shed my cloak of anonymity and signed up. On Thursday, Maria, Crystal and I joined about twenty other mostly ex-pats for a feast of chorizo, patatas bravas, chopitos, croquettas, and empanadias... It was great to meet everyone, even though the moderator won't let me plug my books on the messageboard.

Books? Books? Did someone say books? "Of Walls and Men" has been printed, and will be in the post within days. Woo Hoo!! Don't forget there is one copy of each of my books on eBay at the moment, and unless someone gets on there and places a bid, they will both sell for the measly sum of ten dollars.

But I was talking about TAPAS! I love tapas. Okay, Maria often challenges me when I say that, because I don't like seafood, and many of the typical tapas dishes are seafood based. But I love the way of eating and there are more than enough non-seafood varieties of tapas to please me. Last night, Maria and I visited a tapas fair. It was basically a gathering of twenty-six tapas restaurants from around Madrid, showcasing their specialties. Admission was free, and food and drink tickets were just one Euro each- one ticket for a beer, one ticket for a plate of tapas. We naively thought ten tickets would be enough for the two of us, but the food was so delicious, and there was so much variety that we (I!) wanted to try, that we had to go back for another ten.

Today we're off to a barbecue, and tomorrow maybe hiking in the mountains. Gotta go!