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Saturday 2nd July, Madrid, Spain

It's Friday as I write this, but it's already tomorrow in Australia, so I'm going ahead and dating it as the 2nd July. Why? Because the 2nd of July is an important date for me. If you click on the new links above, you'll see that it was on the 2nd of July two years ago that I boarded a plane from Brisbane to Vancouver, signalling the start of the greatest adventure of my life. On the 2nd of July last year, I arrived in Spain after spending six weeks drifting around Morocco. That was the beginning of another great adventure, one that is still continuing...

Maria was just commenting last night how much my life (and her life too!)has changed in the last two years. Two years ago, I was in Brisbane, living alone, working a job that I was bored with, living a life that I was bored with. I had a small circle of good friends, but most of them had over recent years fallen prey to marriage, children and mortgages, and I spent a lot of my time alone, wondering what happened to the rich, fulfilling, exciting life I had always dreamed of. Now, two years down the track, I'm living in beautiful Madrid with a fantastic girlfriend, I have made hundreds of new friends and aquaintances, many of whom I hope will be close lifelong friends. I've had the most amazing adventures, my name is on the front cover of two not-quite-bestselling books, and several thousand people from around the world check in on my website every week to see what I've been up to, and what I have to say. I'm still penniless -as I was when I left Brisbane- but it would be an understatement to say that they have been some good years!!

Today I laid eyes on my new book for the first time. A box of twenty-eight copies of "Of Walls and Men" was waiting at the local post office for me to pick up. I can't tell you what a proud moment it was when I sliced open the top of the box (careful not to slice open any of the books this time!) The main photograph on the front cover turned out a bit dull, compared with the original, but other than that I'm stoked with the finish. The cover design worked quite well, and the addition of black and white photographs at the beginning of each chapter makes the book a lot more inviting. It's already for sale at J and J's Bookstore and Cafe down the road, and I'm co-ordinating a date with the folk at J and J's for me to do a presentation night like I did with the last book.

Yesterday I was on the radio again, a guest of radio personality.. sorry.. SUPERSTAR! Drew Crosby in his afternoon show called 'Highways and Byways'. Drew and I chatted our way through his entire one-and-a-half hour segment, talking about my travels, what it's like living in Madrid, and dispelling a few myths about Australia. Drew had found some statistics somewhere claiming that Australians drink four times as much beer as any other country. I'm afraid that's just not true. We were for a time the biggest beer drinkers in the world, but always rivalled by Germany. Currently, the Czech Republic has taken the lead from both of us. Not surprising really, when tasty Czech beer sells for less than a buck a pint!

radio superstars!

There is still one unclaimed prize from my recent competition. It is the 'referrer's prize, a great 'anti-terrorist' product from my online store, 'The Savage Files Emporium' If you're not impressed with my stand against terrorism, you can choose from some of the other products to an equal value. This competition is open to anyone who has already placed an order for my latest book, "Of Walls and Men". To enter and win this unique prize, all you need to do is refer a friend to buy a copy of "Of Walls and Men". When they place their order, they must give your name as the person who referred them. First one in wins!!

So as I sign off today, I'll leave you with this series of pictures from an incredibly talented artist...

Don't forget to have fun! And as a friend of mine wrote recently...

"Life may not be the party you expected it to be, but you might as well dance while you're here!"