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Wednesday 6th July, Madrid, Spain

Madrid has been on the march lately. In total, millions of Madrilenos have hit the streets to protest in favour of gay marriages, against gay marriages, against ETA terrorists, in favour of Madrid getting the 2012 Olympic Games, and don't be surprised if they demonstrate again now that we have today heard the sad news that the 2012 Olympics have gone to London! But the one demonstration that really caught my eye was the anti animal cruelty demonstration a couple of days ago in the northern city of Pamplona. Their manifestation, as they call it, was timed to coincide with the Las Fiestas de San Fermin, or what we know as the 'running of the bulls' in Pamplona. Now, why anyone would take offence at letting dozens of bulls gore a few drunk tourists to death is beyond me, but Maria explained that after the bull running, the toros are recaptured, then tortured and killed in bullfights for the pleasure of a packed stadium. Now I've watched one bullfight on tele, and it has to be just about the most rank, debase human endeavour I've heard of since Hitler. That human beings came up with such an ingenious way to prolong an innocent animal's agonizing death frightens me. That masses of people find some sort of macabre entertainment value to this barbarism saddens me for the future. I had half a mind to join the protest myself. And later I realy wished I had. You see it seems that a large number of the busty young lasses who oppose cruelty to animals are very much in favour of letting the summer sun shimmer on their breasts in public streets. That's right, it was a topless anti animal cruelty demonstration!! Well, bottomless too in some cases apparently :)

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When I first arrived in Madrid and was staying at a backpackers hostel, a group of backpackers went out to a take in a bullfight. They wanted me to join them, but I have no intention of supporting such a 'sport', and chose to stay in with a few of the other nerds. Well, the group were in high spirits when they set off for their evening of 'Spanish culture', but they were a haggard lot when they returned. One of the girls was still crying. One of the guys admitted that he had cried, and a few of the others said they felt quite ill. It seems that they thought bullfighting was just a game, where the 'torero' just teased the bull, proving his skill by avoiding being gored. Imagine their shock when the saw the great bull reduced to a bleeding, quivering heap after a long period of being stabbed with a variety of sharp objects, only to be finished off in full view of the ecstatic crowd. Banning bullfights will be the first job on my agenda when I'm President of Spain.

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