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Tuesday 12th July, Madrid, Spain

Thanks to everyone for their comments and opinions regarding the controversial topics in my last journal update. I only managed to upset a small number of readers. One person thought it a bit much that I should reserve the right to express my opinion as fact on my own website. I guess that was just me trying to be a bit of a stirrer, but also letting readers know that if they do want to disagree with me, they should take the time to give their own opinions, not just shoot mine down.

A couple of my readers from America were concerned that I somehow believed a large number of their countrymen supported the kind of extreme views espoused in that crazy "President's Speech" document. I don't. Not for a minute. If you followed my travels around the US, you'd have seen that I had the pleasure of meeting nothing but the kindest, warmest, most hospitable people in the world, many of whom I now consider among my closest friends. No, I don't believe that very many Americans have such self righteous, isolationist views. BUT after having my attention drawn to a few other internet forums where that exact same "President's Speech" had been posted, I was alarmed to see that it had been greeted with almost overwhelming suport, with readers' comments ranging from "I'd vote for any president who gave that speech" to "I dream of the day one of our politicians would show such strength and moral clarity". So while I have no doubt that only a small number of Americans feel that way, it is still cause for concern. Even one third of a percent of the population is still a million people...

And I'm certainly not just picking on the US. It just happens that the particular document in question was related to the US. Oh no, Australia also has it's share of loonies and extremists, as the whirlwind rise of Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party some years ago demonstrated. Her electoral campaign was based on xenophobic and overly simplistic policies not too different to those espoused in the "President's Speech" and a large sector of the Australian public supported her. A scary time to be an Australian, but thankfully she is in jail now, for electoral fraud.

STOP PRESS- It has been brought to my attention that Ms Hanson is no longer in jail, but was recently a hugely popular contestant in an Australian television series called "Dancing With The Stars". Just in case you needed any more proof that it is a wacky, wacky world we live in.

Thanks to the readers who have been sending me photographs to use on my site. You may have seen the photos recently demonstrating the way native Australian animals go fishing. Well, there's more! Anyone planning a trip to The Land Down Under might be interested to see why you should always, always keep one eye open when you're camping in the Australian bush. And if that isn't enough to give you nightmares, check out this nasty animal... or don't if you're easily frightened!