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Thursday 14th July, Madrid, Spain

"The 'We're Not Afraid' site, created by London web designer Alfie Dennan, had four million hits on Monday alone from as far afield as Italy and Africa. The idea came from a picture of one of the bombed trains sent from a mobile phone to Mr Dennan's own weblog. Someone else added the words "We're Not Afraid" sparking a huge response." -from

The controversial "PRESIDENT'S SPEECH" post, which stirred up so much activity on my messageboard has been archived. You can find it here.

Today I want to talk about another type of annoying spam email, the NIGERIAN MONEY TRANSFER SCAM. If you haven't heard of this scam (how the hell have you avoided it??) it's basically an email from someone who claims to be NABIL ALLAWI, 21 YEARS OLD SON OF IMAD ALLAWI WHO WAS KILLED BY SADDAM HUSSEIN IN JANUARY 2003 or MR ADAKU OGEIBRI, THE FIRST SON OF LATE MR NDIBEYA OGEIBRI,AFORMER DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE IN THE ALADJA STEEL ROLLING MILL or any number of aliases. The scammer explains that he needs YOUR help to shift a large sum of money -usually between ten and fifty million US dollars- out of his country. In exchange for your help (providing your bank account for the money to be transferred through) he will kindly allow you a commission of anywhere between ten and twenty-five percent....

I receive at least one or two of these emails every week, with always slightly different details. It almost makes me wish I had started collecting them two years ago...

Well, while I was busy surfing "The Best Of Craigslist", I discovered one guy who went a step further and actually led the scammer on a merry ol' chase. To save file size on this page, I've posted their bizarre series of communications on a separate page. If you're familiar with "Pulp Fiction" and the old American television series "The Dukes Of Hazzard", you're likely to find it as hilarious as I did. If you're not... well, check it out anyway.