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Monday 26th September, Madrid, Spain

WIN, WIN, WIN! click here for more details.

This photo has been sent to me soooo many times already that I figured it must be worth sharing

so you can believe what you see on tele after all

On a related subject, try this for a laugh.. Go to www.google.com, and search for 'failure'. It seems someone, somewhere, has a sense of humour...

I was away all of last week, taking part in a week long intensive English teaching program. Upon my return, my inbox was jam packed with jokes and funny photos that had been sent from all around the world. It takes me ages to sift through them, but I appreciate your input, and as promised I choose the best of the best to share with you...

To begin with, here's a few that would have even the most reverent of readers saying "Oh shit!"

Then there were a couple of photos showing the latest series of helpful moving tips from the leader in rental trucks, Budget...

If you've wondered what your pets get up to when you're not around, there's a series of photos that might open your eyes. Click here

And a series of clever advertisements here

It has been a hectic month, and you may have noticed that I haven't kept a regular journal. Well, I'm trying to catch up, and have put together a few photo galleries from "the month that was"
Click here for our daytrip to Toledo
For photos from our day on the river at Aranjuez, click here
and for a few pics from our walking tour of Madrid with our recent guest, Ruth, click here