AS YOU CAN SEE, I'VE BEEN BUSY! Between working on our SPANISH COOKBOOK, and planning our upcoming adventure to Australia, I haven't had time to write a regular journal. But all my archived journal entries can be browsed or searched by using the 'search journal' function (that will be the small magnifying glass symbol in the top left corner of the page!)

... and you will find two new pages in my Not So Savage Files, including thirty photographs from our weekend in Rome. Enjoy!

World weather.

Wednesday 2nd November, Madrid, Spain

No backing out now. Today, Maria and I picked up our tickets to THE GREAT LAND DOWN UNDER!

Four more weeks, and then just as Europe plunges itself into winter, the two of us are bound for sunny Queensland...


I'm almost finished a big renovation here in Madrid. In the next few days, I'll be sharing with you some 'before' and 'after' photos... and this time next month, you can get ready for The Savage Files journal LIVE FROM AUSTRALIA!!!

But now.. I gotta get some sleep!

Here's my 'funny photo for the week'...