World weather.

Wednesday 30th November, Madrid, Spain

Just three more sleeps to go before we're off to Australia, so I thought it might be interesting to see what the weather's doing down under right about now...
World weather.

In preparation for our big trip, I've been developing my "AUSTRALIA, MATE!" page. Don't worry; I'll be chronicling our adventures in the Great Southern Land here on the journal page, but in addition there will be continued additions (photos, links etc) to the "AUSTRALIA, MATE!" page.

Of course it's an understatement to say that I'm (we both are) looking forward to our five weeks in Australia. It's been almost two and a half years since I was there. It's gonna be great! But we have so much stuff planned for our time there, that I know that I'm going to be as busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition, so because I won't have any time to be finding funny photos for my slideshows while I'm away, I've gone ahead and added loads of new ones now. There are now over eighty photos in each gallery; the FUNNY PICTURES slideshow, and the FUNNY SIGNS. If you're one of the people who regularly sends me your funnies, please send them to since I will have more storage space there. Regualr email still to my regualr address.

If you missed the last couple of journal entries from Madrid, you can find them (and every other journal entry I have written since leaving Australia in July 2003!) by using the search function. The little magnifying glass in the very top left of the journal page? That's the link for searching the entire The Savage Files site, all two thousand pages. You can search either chronologically, or by keyword.

... and don't forget to check in on the Not So Savage Files. That's not only where the "AUSTRALIA, MATE!" PAGE is housed, but also a collection of other very special pages from very special places that I have been, including a gallery of beautiful photos from our recent weekend in Rome.

... and last but not least, please take the time to visit my BOOK PREVIEW page. I have to pay my way somehow, you know.