World weather.

Did somebody say it's September already? MADRID, SPAIN
Time's fun when you're having flies, eh?


I know, I know... there hasn't been much happening on The Savage Files lately, and some of you have started to email me, to check if I am actually still in the land fo the living. So here I am, checking in, present and accounted for, very much alive and kicking.

Pool with a view, Cercedilla. Brain getting soft from all the sun.

I must assure those of you who could care, that the lack of thrills and excitement on this website over the past month(s) is in no way representative of an uneventful life here in Madrid. Since we moved into our penthouse apartment here in the peaceful retirement suburb of Aluche, we have been flat out like a pair of lizards drinking. In between the usual parade of Couchsurfers, the obligatory fiestas, my tour of duty in Chercos, and various little outings (like our day trip to a swimming pool in the mountains outside Madrid, pictured above) Maria and I have been working on a top secret project. I wish I could tell you about it, but.. well... you do know what TOP SECRET means, don't you.

Fresh out of bed on a hot summer morning, and already hard at work on our TOP SECRET PROJECT!

If you think life in Madrid is all chorizo and sangria, you're mistaken. Yes, we do drink sangria for breakfast, and chorizo for main course and dessert, but apart from that, we are neck deep in this new TOP SECRET PROJECT.

Average daily summer schedule:

6.00am Maria's alarm
6.45am Steve wakes up
7.00am Breakfast together, short walk to Metro station
7.30am Maria enroute to work, Steve returns home to continue work on TOP SECRET PROJECT
3.45pm Maria returns home to find Steve still working on TOP SECRET PROJECT
4.00pm Lunch together (Maria- steamed fish and salad, Steve- bacon, sausage and fried eggs)
4.30pm Settle in to work together on TOP SECRET PROJECT
12.00 midnight Maria's bedtime
2.00am Steve can no longer see computer screen, so heads to bed as well

Of course, that's not a schedule you can keep up indefinitely, so last weekend we escaped and spent a couple of days visiting our friends Jon and Annabelle on the Spanish coast. It was a timely visit since Maria and I were celebrating our two year anniversary... and it was at Jon and Annabelle's place, in August 2004, that it all began!

Jon and Annabelle, toasting good health at a local Vietnamese restaurant.