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Monday 3rd January, Krakow... no, wait... Warsaw!, Poland
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Our train got away from Olomouc on time. Waving goodbye to Vlado and Andrea, I remarked to Maria how much more romantic train travel was than bus. It was a four and a half hour ride to our next stop Krakow, a suitable base for visiting the nearby WWII concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. Estimated time of arrival was 7:00 pm, but by the time the train slowed into the station it was just after eight o'clock. Fortunately, I was able to pass the time by engaging in a prolonged and enthusiastic argument with the conductor. Oh, did I mention that we found ourselves in Warsaw, over 300 kilometres from our intended destination?

Upon arrival in Warsaw, we decided to catch a taxi to a backpackers hostel that no longer existed. Then we walked a couple of kilometres, by now quite late at night, to a backpackers hostel that was miraculously not only still there, but was open and had a double room available for us. So here we sit in the capital, still a little confused, annoyed that we'll have to backtrack to Krakow tomorrow, but relieved that we stubbornly refused to pay the massive fine levied on us by the train company.

My motto: "If they're not wearing a gun, don't give 'em any money!"

Ah, the joys of travel!

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