travel back in time

Thursday 20th January, Moscow, Russia


Picture this. You find yourself standing on the cold, worn cobblestones of the Red Square, staring up at the ridiculously gawdy spires of St Basil's Cathedral, the imposing red brick of the Kremlin building behind you. This sight should take your breath away. It's something you've always dreamt of. It should be awe inspiring. Mesmerizing. Yet it fails to even envoke the slightest excitement. You're a world traveller, in the centre of Moscow for the first time in your life, and you realize you'd be just as happy- no, infinitely happier- sitting at home reading a good book, or in a cafe eating some nice scrambled eegs and crispy bacon. Something has snapped. This is not the spirit of adventure and discovery that will carry you on your ten thousand kilometre journey. Your journey is over, my friend.

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